8 Beers You Should Definitely Be Drinking At CollabFest 2017

The annual collaboration convention is back. And it’s looking tasty!

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Gimme Five

Whether it ends up getting called the Tottenham Hale Tun Trail, Seven Sisters Sud Circuit or the Hale Hop Hoop (sorry). The collection of breweries and bars centred around Tottenham are finding themselves becoming increasingly popular. The tap rooms of Beavertown, Redemption, Affinity and One Mile End are getting busier by the week as summer […]

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Bermondsey Beer Beguile

Nearby the Tower of London lies a set of concrete caverns, under and off-shooting a stretch of railway. And whilst the nearby medieval tower may hold the country’s royal headgear, this 1.5 mile (give or take) path holds the crown of London’s beer scene – The Bermondsey Beer Mile. Which, for anyone who isn’t aware, […]

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Tuns of Brixton

Think of a brewery in London. Hell, think of a brewery in South London. And if it wasn’t for the Ironic Process Theory caused by the photo above (I dare you not to think about pink elephants now), Brixton Brewery probably wouldn’t have been the first one to come to your mind. If you’re outside the capital, […]

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500 Beers Challenge – Update 3

March is a bit of a funny time of year isn’t it? The daffodils are popping out, which is obviously great, who doesn’t love those plucky little yellow delights. The weather is starting to look slightly less threatening, but in that annoying too warm one minute, torrential downpours the next way – which means leaving the […]

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