Craft Beer and Football Map

Some may argue that craft beer and football don’t go hand in hand, but I beg to disagree. As a craft beer fan who also loves the beautiful game, I’d rather be watching a Super Sunday sipping on a finely-brewed IPA or superb stout than be subjected to the mediocre taplist that some bars that […]

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Blackout ’16 Giveaway

In what can only be described as a shameless ploy to grow my social media audience, I’ve decided to give away one of my bottles of BrewDog – Blackout ’16 to one lucky adoring fan. This was a beer given to BrewDog staff on the company’s Blackout Day in 2016, and has never been released […]

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5 Beer Styles To Usurp The NEIPA

We’ve all gone hazy crazy over the last year or so. Brewers everywhere are trying their hop-flecked hands at creating the perfect Vermont-style beers, and we’ve seen some fantastic brews come out of this New England Revolution. But like all good things, this trend will eventually come to an end and be usurped by another. […]

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