Four for the Fridge – June

Wiper and True – Milk Shake – 5.1% Milk Stout


Ah milk shake, whether strawberry, chocolate, banana or otherwise, its delicious qualities have enriched the lives of many (it’s also a very handy tool for gathering large groups of men into yards).

Bristol-based Wiper and True’s homage to the milky masterpiece is exactly as delicious as the name would lead you to expect. The milk stout lathers the mouth with voluptuous dollops of sweetness, and chocolate and vanilla notes throughout the drinking experience.

Kelis will also be delighted to know that her advice on serving temperature has been heeded, as these luxurious flavours are only enhanced by allowing the room temperature to ‘warm it up’ in the glass.

Get it from – Honest Brew

Northern Monk – Heathen – 7.2% IPA


A frequent entry into these annals of alcohol appreciation, Northern Monk are going from strength-to-strength with each day, week and month that passes. They’re a brewery that we maybe even take for granted as to how blessed we are to have someone making beer this well in Ole Blighty.

And it’s time once again to proselytize about one of their core range.

Heathen is quite simply a big delicious IPA. And it’s one that has been keeping British beer drinkers so fanatical about the brewery. Weighing in at 7.2% with just the right balance of tropical and resinous, this is one to convert the non-believers.

Get it from – Beer Merchants

Wild Beer Co. – Nebula – 5% New England IPA


With the haze-craze showing no signs of stopping, it was only going to be a matter of time before the UK’s most innovative brewery brought one into their core range.

Wild Beer Co. have made beers with lobster, custard, mushrooms, lentils – and all sorts of other unique ingredients that only some sort of Tesla-esque, slightly on-edge genius would think to brew with. Nebula is a much more simple affair. Hops, Malt, Water and Vermont Yeast meet once again to create a tantalisingly tropical affair. Keep a couple of these handy, BBQ season shouldn’t be far off now.

Get it from – Beer Merchants

Fierce – Cafe Racer – 6.5% Porter


Coffee. Beer? Coffee. Beer? Co-ff-ee. Be-er?

Perhaps Marge’s conundrum could have been solved if she’d only paid a visit to Aberdeen instead of Australia. Everyone’s favourite blue-haired matriarch could have sampled this excellent number from one of Scotland’s most exciting breweries – Fierce.

This little number is everything you want in a coffee beer, a style which can be a tricky one to get so perfectly balanced, as this is, without one component of the equation becoming overwhelming.

Get ready to have your heart racing with joy as you crack open the can and take a spin on the sweet, silky smooth side that this porter packs.

Get it from – Fierce Online Shop

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