Four For The Fridge – May

Beavertown – Lupuloid – 6.7% IPA


There used to be a time when Beavertown didn’t have a regular big IPA to capitalise on the Punk IPA popularity wave. Sure, Neck Oil and Gamma Ray were taking the London scene by storm, but something was missing. So after trial, error, tweaking and public opinion – Lupuloid came crashing into the world.

And upon arrival, this big juicy IPA invaded the space and made its mark. With big hits of pineapple and resin subverting the beery population, Lupuloid has now thankfully infiltrated its way into supermarkets, spreading its tropical charms into the general population. The truth is out there. And by god it’s juicy.

Get it from – Honest Brew

Northern Monk – Mocha Porter – 5.9% Porter


Lost? Need to get home? In the 10th century (or 21st century if you’re lacking 4G) there’s only one way to get your bearings. And that’s the North Star.

And like said celestial compass, Northern Monk’s Mocha Porter is your guide to what a delicious coffee beer can be. Brewed with Leeds’ coffee roasters, North Star, Mocha Porter directs the palate with flavours of dark chocolate, lactose and cold brew coffee. Try it. It may just give you a new guiding light on the world of beer.

Get it from – Beer Merchants

Howling Hops – Black Forest Gateau – 6.5% Stout


Pudding beers won’t dessert you, And this small batch brew from Howling Hops is the definition of a comfort beer. Like its namesake – this beer is big, rich and gives sweet bursts of cherry and chocolate for those entering the forest at the darkest point.

Grab it while you can. It may not be around for long.

Get it from – Beer Merchants

Lost and Grounded – Running with Sceptres – 5.2% Vienna Lager


Remember when you discovered that really amazing band? Music like you’d never heard before bombarded your eardrums, and changed your perspective on what a singer, bassist, guitarist and drummer could do. You knew this would be special. And you couldn’t wait till the rest of the world heard about it.

Well Running with Sceptres is my beery equivalent. I’d chastised lager as the drink of the unrefined. How foolish I was. A pint of this at my local had me proclaiming from the rooftops to have everyone sample it. The grassy edge, the hoppy undertones, the Vienna malt. The Ultravox joke is the easy way to finish, but this beer would be done more justice by simply urging you to try it. Lager has never tasted so good.

Get it from – Honest Brew

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