Four for the Fridge – April

Saison à La Provision – Burning Sky – 6.5% Saison


Belgium has perhaps contributed more to beer than any other country on the planet, and it’s from the styles and traditions of this great beer nation that Sussex’s Burning Sky take much of their inspiration. Their year round Saison à La Provision is the essence of a Belgian Farmhouse in a glass. The power of the sense of smell can never be understated, and even before this beer reaches your palate with its lemony, bretty funk, your mind is transported away to a spring day in the fields of Wallonia. And any beer that takes you on such a journey by its mere scent alone is worth a place in your fridge.

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Pintle – Burnt Mill Brewery – 4.8% Pale Ale


Summer is the quintessential season for beer. While a stout may provide slight warmth against the ravaging cold of winter, the contrast of the chill of the glass as you take a beer in hand amidst rays of summer sunshine, followed by refreshment on your palate is the nearest to nirvana a beer drinker will experience. And although those halcyon days of sunshine are still on the horizon for 2018, this pale from the hottest brewery in town should be the first thing you reach for when the mercury starts to rise. Burnt Mill’s Pintle Pale Ale is juicy, dry and altogether quaffable, and a sip of this on a sweltering day will make you remember why you fell in love with beer in the first place.

Get it from – Eebria

Jaipur – Thornbridge – 5.9% IPA


Speaking of nirvana, do you remember the first time you heard Smells Like Teen Spirit? Life changing, huh? And in the same way Kurt Cobain’s paroxysms of anguish changed the way you thought about music forever – this is one of the beers that opened the door to many to all the possibilities of what the drink could be. Like the music of Nirvana, Jaipur still holds up as being as good as it was the first time you experienced it. Complex and delicious as an IPA can be, whether in bottle or on cask this is a beer as much for now as it is for nostalgia.

Get it from – Thornbridge Online Shop

Five O’Clock Shadow – Weird Beard Brew Co. – 7% IPA

Five O Clock Shadow

As the clock ticks on towards the end of the day, the beer drinker may find their mind wandering to the delights of the pub. And through this passing of time grows a thirst for something to while away the night with friends and forget the trials and tribulations of the day. For this, Five O’Clock Shadow from London’s Weird Beard Brew Co. is the perfect schooner, bottle or pint (if you’re feeling ambitious). A signature Weird Beard flavour swirls into a bold cacophony of dank bitterness that one would expect from an IPA brewed in San Diego. This one is truly West London meets West Coast.

Get it from – Beer Gonzo

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