Focal Point No. 1 – Fyne Ales – Jarl

This is Focal Point, your fortnightly guide to the UK’s best beers. The Focal Point series will highlight the country’s top brews, give you a succinct and informative lowdown on the beer and then let you know where you can get them. All so you can go and experience them for yourself.

And first on the list: Fyne Ales – Jarl

Hailing from the shores of Loch Fyne (give it a quick Google Image, it’s lovely), Fyne Ales are perhaps Scotland’s most underrated brewery, producing such gems as: Avalanche, Hurricane Jack and Sublime Stout. But its blonde ale with a hoppy twist, Jarl, is definitely their stalwart brew.

At 3.8%, Jarl hits the goldilocks zone for a session beer – it’s not too strong, it’s not too weak; it’s not too bold, it’s not too watery – it’s both easy-drinking and pulsating with flavour. Whilst the typical blonde ale is known for being more malt-forward, Jarl throws another dimension to the style by adding a whole bunch of US hops to the mix (Citra to be precise). In doing so, Fyne Ales make an amalgamation of the hoppy profile of an IPA with the grassy themes of the blonde ale – and the two sync perfectly. Since its debut in 2010 (a long time ago in the craft beer universe) this delicious number has been a staple of beer fridges north of Hadrian’s Wall. And it’s easy to see why – it’s just right to be the perfect low-ABV beer.


ABV: 3.8%
Style: Blonde Ale
Where you can get this: The Fyne Ales’ Online Store, Eebria, Morrisons & Sainsburys stores (Scotland Only)
If you like these, you’ll like Jarl: Leffe – Blonde, Tempest – Cascadian Blonde Ale, Hobgoblin – Gold



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