The Evolution of Beer Frontiers

Let’s start with an admission: I’ve failed.

When I started putting my beery thoughts onto digital paper about a year ago, there really wasn’t a sense of what the purpose of doing so was. On reflection, this has resulted in a whole bunch of sporadic posts with no clear unifying message or consistent value to the reader. Sure individual posts may have been a brilliant read, but as a whole the blog became a mishmash which didn’t allow it to fulfil its initial purpose – to be a useful resource to help beer fans to discover great beers and bars.

So a strategy needs to be set out for this blog to evolve. And in my opinion, the way to do this is to let people know about experiences they can have, as opposed to highlighting beers and bars that are shrouded in exclusivity. This isn’t to say the latter doesn’t have its place (other writers do a great job in doing this), but wouldn’t you much rather read about something you could then go and try out yourself?

So as of 2018, Beer Frontiers will do the following:

  • 4 posts a month minimum.
  • 2 of which highlight and give useful information about a bar or taproom that I think a UK craft beer fan would love to (and can) visit.
  • 2 of which highlight a fantastic beer which is both easily accessible in the UK and delicious.
  • On top of this, if anything excellent comes up – be that a festival, event, collab, etc. – a review of this may occur after the event, only following a preview so as not to contradict the objective of the blog.

So there we are and if you ever feel I’m deviating from this strategy – don’t be afraid to let me know on Twitter or Instagram. Roll on 2018 and a new lease of life for Beer Frontiers.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)


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