Blackout ’16 Giveaway

In what can only be described as a shameless ploy to grow my social media audience, I’ve decided to give away one of my bottles of BrewDog – Blackout ’16 to one lucky adoring fan. This was a beer given to BrewDog staff on the company’s Blackout Day in 2016, and has never been released to the public. Meaning unless you work(ed) for BrewDog, or know someone who does/did, this is probably your only chance to get your hands on this beer.

Here’s the tale of the tape:

Weighing in at 11%, Blackout ’16 is a blend of three barrel-aged imperial stouts. The first lived its life in a whisky cask. The second had a jolly old time in a red wine cask. And the third spent its days the buccaneer way in a rum cask. As you can imagine from the above, this has more layers than an ogre and is truly a one-off.

A few wee caveats that you agree to on entering :

  • You obviously have to be of legal drinking age to enter and/or to drink this beer. That one’s a no-brainer.
  • The winner can only be someone in Mainland UK. God forbid I had to try and get this over to Australia.
  • You have to be following @BeerFrontiers on Twitter and have retweeted the relevant post(s) by 27/08/2017 to enter. Winner will be drawn at random from the retweets. Anyone already following at time of posting can still enter by RT-ing only.
  • No liability for any mishandling in transport or anything that happens when the beer is in your possession. Drink responsibly too, etc.
  • Please also let me know how it is when you do eventually crack it open. It’s been kept well and I’ve been assured by others that it is still tasting delicious.

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