Six Reasons I’m Gutted To Be Missing London Beer City

Every August, I take a bit of time away from the capital to visit the most beautiful city in the world – Edinburgh. As you well may know, August in Edinburgh is Fringe season. So I mostly spend my time gallivanting around the city, watching brilliant comedy in pubs I’d never visit any other month. Edinburgh changes in August from a sleeping beauty into a boisterous hub of joyous eccentricity. The atmosphere is electric. And if you’ve never been, I can’t recommend it enough.

This year though, with my 16-25 Railcard mere weeks away from obsoletion, my hand was somewhat forced into arranging my jaunt for the first and second week of August. And whilst I’m still maintaining Christmas Eve levels of excitement, I must admit to letting out a groan of exasperation when discovering this was the exact same time as this year’s London Beer City. And looking through the 2017 schedule. I’m kicking myself about not being in The Big Smoke for this. And here’s six reasons why you shouldn’t make the same error as me by missing out:

6. Brew By Numbers x Hawksmoor Dinner

The fare of anniversaries and birthdays, Hawksmoor steaks are known throughout the city, and beyond, as a shining example of how sirloins should be served (other cuts obviously available). Brew By Numbers are one of the, if not the, best breweries in London. So bringing them together for a tasting event for a mere £30 (a Hawksmoor steak will cost you at least £20 off the bat) is an absolute steal and should fully be taken advantage of by beer-loving carnivores.

5. Brixton Street Party

The most underrated brewery in London is having a party for LCBF. Complete with BBQ scran, banging baked goods and some of the best beer you may have yet to try. Brixton Brewery are inexplicably still flying under the radar on the beer scene. Anyone attending this event at the brewery’s tap room in (you guessed it) Brixton, will walk away with an admiration for their very well-made brews. And for those whose beer fridges are already stocked with Atlantic, Effra, et al. A selection of rarities will be available on the day too. What a way to showcase the talents of South West London’s best brewery.

4. Rare and Unusual American Beers

One thing I strive for as a beer fan (and 500 Beers Challenge participant) is trying new brews. So another particular opportunity I’m miffed to be missing is this beer tasting from the Brewers Association at Draft House Hammersmith; promising an awesome selection of rare, unusual and, perhaps most importantly, fresh beers from the US of A. Venturing out west to strike American gold. What lovely symbolism.

3. Murk n’ Cheese

Brew By Numbers will be a busy bunch from the 3rd – 13th August. Not only do they have the aforementioned Hawksmoor gig and a date with the almighty Bleecker Burgers on their plates – they’re also hosting a night of fine cheese and hazy beers at their Bermondsey tap room. As a lover of NEIPAs and cheese, I may even have to sneak in my own Vermont IPA and block of Stitchelton into a Free Fringe show so I can be there in spirit. Plus, if anything, I’d also be very interested to becoming acquainted with someone whose job title is Freelance Cheesemonger. Maybe one day.

2. Other Half

The hottest brewery on the planet is coming to London. And for fuck sake why am I missing this. Other Half have been taking The Big Apple by storm, and having their beers (which from the looks of their LCBF tap list will feature some of their DDH IPA series and some triple-hopped wonders) on these shores is nothing short of a treat. Presenting Other Half will be on at The Axe on the 6th of August. And missing out is enough to make me want to book a trip to New York just to make up for it.

1. London Craft Beer Festival

Finally. A festival that has such an amazing vibe, that even a power failure couldn’t stop it back in 2015 (in fact, if anything, the resulting singalong added to the night). So whilst Beavertown may be changing the festival game this year, LCBF is still bringing something very exciting to the table come August. With the likes of: Other Half, Verdant, Magic Rock, Cloudwater, Lervig, Oskar Blues, Kernel, Mikkeller, Wild Beer, Buxton, Modern Times and Siren – among many others. Hot Chip and Foals are providing DJ sets and awesome looking food aplenty will be available over the weekend.

There’s a whole host of other excellent events on that I haven’t even mentioned, including the Opening and Closing Parties and a score of tap takeovers.  So if you’re a beer fan who’s in the capital around the time of London Beer City, be sure to have a schooner for me. Between the laughter in Edinburgh, my social media feed updates will come with a slight hint of longing.

London Beer City will take place from 3rd to 13th August.
You can find out more about all of the London Beer City events here.
You can follow London Beer City on Twitter here.
And you can follow me on Twitter here and Instagram here.


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