Gimme Five

Whether it ends up getting called the Tottenham Hale Tun Trail, Seven Sisters Sud Circuit or the Hale Hop Hoop (sorry). The collection of breweries and bars centred around Tottenham are finding themselves becoming increasingly popular. The tap rooms of Beavertown, Redemption, Affinity and One Mile End are getting busier by the week as summer starts to kick in. And year-on-year (well the ones that were open last year anyway) are drawing in more and more people as craft beer’s popularity continues to grow. In time, we could easily have another widely established craft beer hub in London on our hands here. And last weekend, it got its newest addition. And this isn’t a brewery. But a bar and music venue – Five Miles.

Currently sporting a ‘work in progress chic’ look, the décor of the main bar is functional yet charming. An impressive 18 taps sport a distinctively local selection. With the primary offering coming from London-based breweries such as Affinity (who brew about 10 steps away from the bar), Pressure Drop and One Mile End. And while the selection is great, prices reasonable for London (the Monday ‘Contactless Card Update of Fear’ shows two pints cost £9), G+T’s served on tap for those not so beerily-inclined and the vibe, inclusive. The piece de resistance is the adjoining club venue through an Alton Towers-esque colourful labyrinth at the back of the main bar. On chatting to the hugely-friendly bar staff, the room is so well soundproofed that music played at full blast in one room doesn’t make a sound in the other. Very impressive.

Revelers steadily filled the bar and beer steadily filled the glasses on my Saturday night opening weekend visit. And with a bit of luck, the multi-functional venue will be a rip-roaring success. The one thing I’d tweak ever so slightly though would be the choice of music in the nightclub. The bar was playing a great mix of eclectic sing-a-long tunes. But the club quickly descended in to monotone electronica. BrewDog’s UnderDog tried this mixture of craft beer and club music and it felt very disjointed. The connection between craft beer and rock music is a clear one. And with the popularity of a club night like Last Resort (a quarterly night which plays everything nu-metal, with the odd Carly Rae Jepson thrown in for effect). It could be a master-stroke for Five Miles to make a play to establish themselves as the go-to rock club and craft beer venue, as opposed to another generic dance/electronic club that just happens to sell craft beer. But even this is just a bit of personal preference pickiness in an otherwise excellent experience.

Five Miles (39b Markfield Road, London, N15 4QA) is open:

Monday – Wednesday: 6pm – 12am. Thursday – Friday: 6pm – 4am and Saturday 12pm to 4am.
You can follow Five Miles on Twitter here.
And you can follow me on Twitter here.


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