Tuns of Brixton

Think of a brewery in London. Hell, think of a brewery in South London. And if it wasn’t for the Ironic Process Theory caused by the photo above (I dare you not to think about pink elephants now), Brixton Brewery probably wouldn’t have been the first one to come to your mind. If you’re outside the capital, you may not even have heard of them in the same way you know about The Kernel or Brew By Numbers – and this is a damn shame.

Brixton’s core range is a strong one by any breweries standards and includes: a zingy amber, Effra Ale; the big bold and boisterous, Electric IPA; the piney and biscuity, Reliance Pale Ale and the rich and creamy, Windrush Stout. But the pièce de résistance of their staples is Atlantic APA.

Atlantic is an underrated player in the suite of brewing excellence that London has to offer. The name, like the majority of Brixton’s beers, is an homage to the local area where the brewery ply their trade, with Atlantic Road being one of Brixton’s bustling thoroughfares that bolster the area’s character. The label is simple, yet colourful and bold, with sunny yellow, sky blue and bright green invoking summery vibes and memories of summery beers; a fitting preview of what’s to come. And, like pretty much all good London beers, it’s brewed under the bustle of a railway arch.

brixton 1

The beer itself hits the nose with huge hop character. And on the tounge has striking notes of lemon and grapefruit which intermingle with a strong pale malt backbone, creating a lasting impression and desire for another mouthful. 

It’s a beer for warm days in the park, it’s a beer for beer gardens, it’s a beer for putting your feet up after a long tough day. It’s a beer with an accessibility that could convert the most staunch macro-lover to your way of thinking about this craft beer malarky; but could equally placate even the most ardent hop head with its charms. 

You can pick up Atlantic APA nationwide directly from the Brixton Brewery website shop(run via Eebria) or in London from most good bottleshops and directly from the brewery taproom on Saturdays. 

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