500 Beers Challenge – Update 3

March is a bit of a funny time of year isn’t it? The daffodils are popping out, which is obviously great, who doesn’t love those plucky little yellow delights. The weather is starting to look slightly less threatening, but in that annoying too warm one minute, torrential downpours the next way – which means leaving the house without a jacket is still madness whether you like it or not. And people are “giving up” the best things in life for Lent in an attempt to boot those lapsed, ambitious January promises back into action. And the first thing that usually goes alongside chocolate – you guessed it – sweet, sweet beer.

Luckily for me (and you I suppose if you’re enjoying this blog – which I do hope you are. After all, you’ve come this far.) I don’t adhere to such joy-depriving shenanigans, and have gone full steam ahead knocking off another 58 brews from my last post.

As you’ll perhaps see from the header photo, I’ve had a few relative rarities added to beery compendium in the shape of: two Dogfish Head beauties (the 90 Minute was as fresh as I could have realistically hoped and was an absolute treat), Mikkeller’s George! (a big ole boozy beast) and the Beavertown + Lost and Grounded collab, Anne, which literally (and that’s literally used in the proper way) smelled and tasted like a lemon iced bun. If Beavertown and Lost and Grounded could get together again and make more of this sort of brewing magic happen – I think the world would be an all-round better place for everyone.

Amongst the Dogfish Heads and Mikkellers of the world, my Cinderella story of the month has to go to the Bianca Road Brew Co. – Red Rye. This was bought in a not particularly craft beer focused bar and just looked like an unassuming can of whatever in the fridge; but woah there, did this beer have ideas above its perceived station. I look forward to trying more Bianca Road stuff in the future, and so should you. And if they do hit the big time, here’s my proof that I liked them before it was cool.

Right, nearly time to get on to the beers, just one final thing and then a few bits of housekeeping. I may be at the end of the first quarter (Q1 for all you businessy types out there), and on track to finish by circa October – but the hunt is starting to get just that little bit more difficult.  I can almost guarantee next month is going to struggle to be as IPA-heavy (let’s call this the IPAs of March to do that thing where you loosely tie back to the first paragraph in the conclusion) if I want to keep this rate up. Yes, that’s right folks, a narrative may be starting to appear here!

Ok, housekeeping. If you fancy, do feel free to give me a follow on Twitter, right about… here (that’s @BeerFrontiers).

You can also see my Top 20 Beers of the 500 Beers Challenge so far with just one simple click.

Now. The list. See you in April.

97. Flatiron Red Fourpure Brewing Co. (ENG) 4.7% The Devonshire – Pint Red Ale – American Caramel, Bread
98. Pils Lager Fourpure Brewing Co. (ENG) 4.7% The Devonshire – Pint Pilsner Biscuits, Wheatgrass
99. Jack Brand Mosaic Pale Ale Adnams (ENG) 4.1% Hagen and Hyde – Pint Pale Ale – English Mango, Lemon
100. Lupuloid Beavertown (ENG) 6.7% We Brought Beer – 330ml can IPA – American Pine, Resin
101. Reliance Pale Ale Brixton Brewery (ENG) 4.2% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Pale Ale – English Tangerine, Grapefruit
102. Nah… Just Had Some Ice Cream Beerbliotek (SWE) 3.5% We Brought Beer – 330ml can Sour – Berliner Weisse Vanilla, Blueberry
103. Fortunate Islands Modern Times (USA) 5% We Brought Beer– 475ml can Pale Wheat Ale – American Mango, Guava
104. Rider Pale Ale Mondo Brewing Company (ENG) 4.6% The Green – Pint Pale Ale – American Grass, Pine
105. Red Rye Bianca Road Brew Co. (ENG) 6% The Green – 330ml can Rye IPA Caramel, Spice
106. Hibernation Big Hug Brewing (ENG) 5.2% The Green – Pint White IPA Bread, Wheat
107. Born To Die 17. 03. 2017 BrewDog (SCO) 9.5% BrewDog Clerkenwell – Half Pint Double IPA Esters, Pine
108. Elvis Juice BrewDog (SCO) 6.5% BrewDog Clerkenwell – Half Pint IPA – American Orange, Grapefruit
109. Jet Black Heart BrewDog (SCO) 4.7% BrewDog Clerkenwell – Pint Milk Stout Dark Chocolate, Milk
110. George! (Georg) Mikkeller (DEN) 12.1% Bottle share – Third Pint Imperial Stout Toffee, Dark Fruit
111. Sur Citra To Øl (DEN) 5.5% The Black Heart – 500ml can Sour Pineapple,White Grape
112. Mosaic Hop Explosion Brouwerij Kees (NED) 5.5% The Kings Arms – Pint IPA – American Grapefruit, Resin
113. Rudie Session IPA Ska Brewing (USA) 4.5% The Kings Arms – 330ml can Session IPA Lemon, Malt
114. Pride & Joy Vocation Brewery (ENG) 5.3% Tesco – 330ml can Pale Ale – American Grapefruit, Peach
115. N7 Hammerton Brewery (ENG) 5.2% The Fox On The Green – Pint IPA – American Mango, Malt
116. Four Star Pils Goose Island Beer Co. (USA) 5.1% Goose Island Vintage Ale House – Pint Pilsner Malt Lemongrass
117. Gillian Goose Island Beer Co. (USA) 9.5% Goose Island Vintage Ale House – Third Pint Saison Sours, Strawberries
118. Schiehallion Harviestoun Brewery (SCO) 4.8% Hagen and Hyde – Pint Lager Malt, Grass
119. Balham Black Belleville Brewing Co. (ENG) 4.6% Firefly – Pint Schwarzbier Toast, Caramel
120. FUBAR Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. (WAL) 4.4% Firefly – Pint Pale Ale – English Grapefruit, Lemon
121. Picnic Session IPA Belleville Brewing Co. (ENG) 4.4% Firefly – Pint Session IPA Apricot, Mango
122. Clwb Tropicana Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. (WAL) 5.5% We Brought Beer – 330ml can IPA – American Fruit Salad, Pineapple
123. Lemon Meringue Pie Omnipollo + Buxton (SWE + ENG) 6% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Fruit Beer Sour Lemon, Yoghurt
124. 21|08 – Pale Ale – Ekuanot & Wai-Iti Brew By Numbers (ENG) 5.2% We Brought Beer– 330ml bottle Pale Ale – English Pine, Grapefruit
125. Cwtch Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. (WAL) 4.6% We Brought Beer – 330ml can Red Ale Berry, Fruitcake
126. Eternal Northern Monk (ENG) 4.1% We Brought Beer – 330ml can Session IPA Peaches, Tangerine
127. DIPA V12 Cloudwater (ENG) 9% We Brought Beer– 400ml can Double IPA Mango, Passionfruit
128. Bibble Wild Beer Co. (ENG) 4.2% Firefly – 330ml can Pale Ale – American Tangerine, Berry
129. Chicha Pale Hammerton Brewery (ENG) 4.6% Draft House – Schooner Speciality Grain Corn, Corn and Corn
130. Evolver IPA Wild Beer Co. (ENG) 5.8% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle IPA – Belgian Funk, Peach, Pepper
131. Sphere of Destiny (Mosaic) Elusive Brewing (ENG) 4.4% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Session IPA Tangerine, Orange
132. Hogstar Hogs Back Brewery (ENG) 4.5% Hand and Racquet – Pint Lager Toffee, Treacle
133. London Lager Meantime Brewing Company (ENG) 4.5% Hand and Racquet – Pint Lager Grain
134. Brimful of Masha Elusive Brewing + Affinity Brew Co. (ENG) 7.2% Affinity Brew Co. – Schooner Red Ale Blood Orange, Coffee
135. 90 Minute IPA Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (USA) 9% Bottle share – Third Pint Double IPA Orange, Malt
136. Burton Baton Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (USA) 10% Bottle share – Third Pint Double IPA Orange, Malt
137. Big Chief Redemption Brewing Company (ENG) 5.5% Redemption Taproom – Pint IPA – English Pine, Pineapple
138. Rock the Kazbek Redemption Brewing Company (ENG) 4% Redemption Taproom – Half Pint Blonde Ale Grass, Lemon
139. Anne Beavertown + Lost and Grounded (ENG) 7.2% Beavertown Taproom – Half Pint Belgian Golden Strong Ale Lemon Buns
140. Double Chin Beavertown (ENG) 8.5% Beavertown Taproom – Half Pint Double IPA Very Bitter Grapefruit, Pine
141. Spresso Beavertown (ENG) 9.5% Beavertown Taproom – Half Pint Imperial Stout Coffee, Roasted Malt
142. Pale Ale No. 1 Howling Hops (ENG) 3.8% Howling Hops Tank Bar– Half Pint Pale Ale – English Grapefruit, Mango
143. Pale XX No. 2 Howling Hops (ENG) 5.2% Howling Hops Tank Bar – Half Pint Pale Ale – American Pine, Resin
144. Pale Ale – Australian Cascade The Kernel Brewing (ENG) 5.3% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Pale Ale – Australian Orange, Mango
145. Vetlebror

Ægir Bryggeri (NOR)

4.7% We Brought Beer – 330ml can Session IPA Pine, Orange
146. IPL – Vic Secret Comet Cloudwater (ENG) 6.2% We Brought Beer – 440ml can IPL Pineapple, Mango
147. Space Monkey Two Chefs Brewing (NED) 4.9% We Brought Beer– 330ml bottle Rye Beer Rye, Caramel
148. Keller Pils Lost and Grounded (ENG) 4.8% We Brought Beer– 330ml bottle Kellerbier Bread, Biscuit
149. Light Bulb Verdant Brewing Co. (ENG) 4.5% We Brought Beer– 330ml can Pale Ale – American Lemon, Grapefruit
150. Heart & Soul Vocation Brewery (ENG) 4.4% Stane St. Syndicate – Pint Session IPA Orange, Pineapple
151. Jack Hammer BrewDog (SCO) 7.2% Stane St. Syndicate – 330ml can IPA – American Pine, Grapefruit
152. Modelo Especial Modelo (MEX) 4.5% Stane St. Syndicate – 350ml bottle Lager Grain, Corn
153. Camden IHL Lager Camden Town Brewing (ENG) 6.2% The Falcon – Half Pint IPL Resin, Grapefruit
154. Three Hop Lager Caledonian Brewing Co. (SCO) 4.5% The White Horse – Pint Lager Toffee, Butter

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