Tuns of Brixton

Think of a brewery in London. Hell, think of a brewery in South London. And if it wasn’t for the Ironic Process Theory caused by the photo above (I dare you not to think about pink elephants now), Brixton Brewery probably wouldn’t have been the first one to come to your mind. If you’re outside the capital, […]

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500 Beers Challenge – Update 3

March is a bit of a funny time of year isn’t it? The daffodils are popping out, which is obviously great, who doesn’t love those plucky little yellow delights. The weather is starting to look slightly less threatening, but in that annoying too warm one minute, torrential downpours the next way – which means leaving the […]

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Southern Vintage

When I first heard the news that Goose Island were opening a bar in London, my mind immediately jumped to a location like Soho or Camden, but definitely not Zone 3’s Balham. Often seen as Clapham’s less-adventurous sibling, Balham seemed a slightly odd choice – but not one I was going to complain about – […]

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