500 Beers Challenge – Update 2

The march to my 500 brew target for the year continues. And February has been a strong month, with the likes of Modern Times, Magic Rock, Northern Monk, BrewDog and Pressure Drop making their debuts on the list.

A trip to The Netherlands saw a good batch of Dutch beers that I probably wouldn’t have been able to get my hands on otherwise (not to mention a badge on Untappd that I never thought I’d see). An influx of New Zealand brews into the country made sure the list wasn’t becoming a total Euro/American-fest (if/when I reach 500, I cannot wait to geek out and pull out some stats of how much beer I’ve had from where, average ABV, etc.) and I’ve also exhausted the craft range at my local Tesco. Which I reckon is a blessing in disguise as it means I’ll get to spend more time at the likes of We Brought Beer (all 3 of them) and Ghost Whale – who I can’t praise enough for keeping their supply of beer so fresh and well-stocked!

Anyway, enough waxing. Onto the beers and see you next month!

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41. Headwaters Pale Ale Victory Brewing Co. (USA) 5.2% We Brought Beer – 350ml can American Pale Ale Citrus, Spice
42. Modern IPA Evil Twin Brewing (USA) 6% We Brought Beer – 350ml can American IPA Pineapple, Pine
43. Opeth Communion Pale Ale Northern Monk (ENG) 5.1% We Brought Beer – 330ml can American Pale Ale Pine, Spice, Heavy Metal
44. Blazing World Modern Times (USA) 6.8% Ghost Whale – 475ml can American Amber Dank, Mango
45. Milk Shake Wiper and True (ENG) 5.6% Ghost Whale – 500ml bottle Milk Stout Chocolate Milkshake
46. 8-Ball Rye IPA Beavertown (ENG) 6.2% Ghost Whale – 330ml can Rye IPA Rye, Sourdough
47. Mittelfruh Lager Cloudwater (ENG) 4.8% Ghost Whale – 330ml can Lager – Helles Malts, Straw
48. Double Chocolate Coffee Toffee Vanilla Milk Porter Howling Hops (ENG) 6.3% Ghost Whale – 330ml can Porter Boozy Chocolate Cake, Toffee
49. Mama’s Little Yella Pils Oskar Blues (USA) 5.3% Tesco – 350ml can Lager – Czech Lemon grass, Bread
50. Dead Pony Club BrewDog (SCO) 3.8% Tesco – 330ml can Pale Ale – American Pale Pine, Grapefruit
51. Electric IPA Brixton Brewery (ENG) 6.5% Gigalum – 330ml bottle IPA – American Peach, Grapefruit
52. Kemosabe Mondo Brewing Co. (ENG) 6.4% Oddbins – 330ml bottle IPA – American Stone Fruit, Orange
53. Ice Cream Pale Omnipollo + Buxton (SWE + ENG) 5.6% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Pale Ale – American Vanilla, Whipped Cream, Mango
54. Chew Chew Fallen Brewing Co. (SCO) 6% We Brought Beer – 330ml can Milk Stout Caramel, Dark Fruit
55. Easy IPA Flying Dog (USA) 4.7% Tesco – 330ml Session IPA Stone Fruit, Biscuit
56. Conflux Unity Brewing Co. (ENG) 4.8% The Mermaid – Pint Pale Ale Lychee, Mango
57. Halcyon Thornbridge (ENG) 7.4% The Mermaid – Pint Double IPA Tangerine, Boozy Christmas Pudding
58. Perikles Omnipollo (SWE) 4.3% The Mermaid – Pint Pilsner Wheat, Cereal
59. Wu Gang Chops The Trees Pressure Drop Brewing (ENG) 3.8% The Mermaid – Half Pint Hefeweizen Rosemary, Butterscotch
60. IPA Crate Brewery (ENG) 5.8% The Pembury Tavern – Half Pint IPA – English Mango, Passionfruit
61. Soundwave IPA Siren Craft Brew (ENG) 5.6% The Exhibit – 330ml bottle IPA – American Grapefruit, Peach
62. All Day IPA Founders Brewing Co. (USA) 4.7% The Exhibit – 330ml bottle Session IPA Resin, Mango
63. Punk IPA BrewDog (SCO) 5.6% The Regent – 330ml bottle IPA – American Pine, Lychee
64. Birra Moretti Birra Moretti (ITA) 4.6% The Regent – 330ml bottle Lager Sweet Grain
65. Arrogant Eagle Morebeer Brewing + Stone Berlin (NED + GER) 6.5% Beer Temple – Half Pint Dunkelweizen Banana, A hoppy wheat beer
66. Tempelbier Morebeer Brewing (NED) 6% Arendnest – Half Pint Pale Ale – American Citrus, Grass
67. Gulpener Ur-Hop Gulpener Bierbrouwerij (NED) 6% Arendnest – Half Pint IPL Peach, Caramel
68. Hooegaarden Blanche Brouwerij van Hoegaarden (BEL) 4.9% O’Reilly’s – Pint Witbier Orange, Cloves
69. Amstel Amstel Bier (NED) 5% Moeke Spijkstra – Half Pint Lager Grain, Corn
70. Westmalle Trappist Dubbel Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle (BEL) 7% Moeke Spijkstra – Half Pintss Belgian Dubbel Cherry, Raisin, Belgian Yeast
71. IPA Koninklijke Brand Bierbrouwerij (NED) 7% Festina Lente – Half Pint IPA – American Herbs, Tangerine
72. Zatte Brouwerij ‘t IJ (NED) 8% Festina Lente – Half Pint Belgian Tripel Spice, Honey
73. Pale Fire Pressure Drop Brewing (ENG) 4.8% Oddbins – 330ml bottle Pale Ale – American Grapefruit, Pine
74. American Pale Fourpure Brewing Co. (ENG) 5% Tesco – 330ml can Pale Ale – American Pineapple, Grapefruit
75. Neck Oil Beavertown (ENG) 4.3% Draft House Charlotte – Half Pint Session IPA Pine, Grapefruit
76. IVO Orbit Beers London (ENG) 5.3% Draft House Charlotte – Pint Pale Ale – International Orange, Grapefruit
77. Green Coast Stone & Wood (AUS) 4.7% Draft House Charlotte – Pint Kellerbier Grain, Sweet Malt
78. Black Perle Weird Beard Brew Co. (ENG) 3.8% Draft House Charlotte – Pint Milk Stout Coffee, Chocolate
79. Pale Ale Cloudwater (ENG) 3.9% We Brought Beer – 500ml can Pale Ale – English Grapefruit, Dank
80. Inhaler Magic Rock Brewing (ENG) 4.5% We Brought Beer – 330ml can Session IPA Mango, Blood Orange
81. Local Motive Fallen Brewing Co. (SCO) 3.9% We Brought Beer – 330ml can IPA – English Orange, Peach
82. 21|07 – Pale Ale – NZ Cascade Brew By Numbers (ENG) 5.2% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Pale Ale – New Zealand Grapefruit, Lemon
83. Big Dipper Magic Rock Brewing Cloudwater (ENG) 8.3% We Brought Beer – 500ml can Imperial IPA Papaya, Resin
84. Sauvinova Tuatara Brewery (NZL) 4.7% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle Pale Ale – New Zealand Grape, Gooseberries
85. GBG Beer Week IPA 2016 Stigbergets Bryggeri (SWE) 6.5% We Brought Beer – 330ml bottle IPA – American Lemon, Pine
86. Ghost Ship Adnams (ENG) 4.5% Tesco – 500ml bottle Pale Ale – English Cereal, Lemon
87. Jaipur Thornbridge (ENG) 5.9% Tesco – 330ml bottle IPA – English Passionfruit, Resin
88. The Cream Ale Anspach and Hobday (ENG) 5.2% Oddbins – 330ml bottle Cream Ale Vanilla, Cream
89. Undercurrent Siren Craft Brew (ENG) 4.5% Oddbins – 330ml Pale Ale – American Stone Fruit, Mango
90. New England IPA BrewDog + Cloudwater (SCO + ENG) 6.8% BrewDog Soho – Schooner IPA – American SERIOUS Mango, Dank
91. Small Batch Vermont IPA BrewDog (SCO) 7.4% BrewDog Soho – Half Pint IPA – American Mango, Resin
92. Craftsman Oatmeal Chocolate Stout Renaissance Brewing Company (NZL) 4.9% BrewDog Soho – Half Pint Oatmeal Stout Cocoa, Oatmeal
93. Nomad Gipsy Hill Brewing Company (ENG) 5% Draft House Northcote – Pint Milk Stout Lactose, Hazelnut
94. Bigmouth Yeastie Boys (NZL) 4.4% Draft House Northcote – Pint Session IPA Peach, Dank
95. Little Things That Kill Weird Beard Brew Co. (ENG) 3.9% Draft House Northcote – Half Pint Session IPA Orange, Mango
96. IPA Lagunitas Brewing Co. (USA) 6.2% Draft House Northcote – Half Pint IPA – American Orange, Bread

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