500 Beers Challenge

Most of us wake up on the first day of January with two things on our minds:

1. Christ, I’m hungover.
2. Now that the changing of the calendar year has awarded me a de facto clean slate, how can I become a better person a la noughties comedy favourite – My Name Is Earl.

I was no different. And after temporarily smothering my hangover with a combination of stilton and leftover party food, a possible New Year’s Resolutions checklist started to form:

  • Eat healthier? Not with my love of all things pizza and fear of broccoli.
  • Lose weight? See above.
  • Save money? London rent prices will ensure this one is as likely to succeed as a Scottish World Cup qualification campaign.
  • Be more patient? This would last until my first trip to Oxford Circus tube station.

And as I made excuses for all the generic pledges, I asked myself – why not make the annual attempt at self improvement something more… fun?

So this year, I’m resolving to broaden my hoppy horizons and take the 500 Beers Challenge. Drink 500 beers in 365 days and every fortnight, give reviews for each brew sampled.

The specifics:

  1. 500 different beers must be consumed before 1/1/2018.
  2. Must be a decent sized portion of each beer (1/3, 330ml bottle, 1/2, schooner, pint, etc.) and not just a taster portion.
  3. Beers to be tracked on this blog and on Untappd (Username: BeerFrontiers)
  4. Each beer will have (at very least) a micro review attached to it, plus the name of the place it was purchased and/or consumed listed.
  5. Top 20 will be listed right here after the first post is completed and will be updated throughout.
  6. In the mission statement of this blog – I laid out that I will not be negative. And each beer included will have a positive aspect highlighted. If it doesn’t have a positive aspect, then it isn’t worthy of the list.

So there we go. A resolution to look forward to. And as ever, all feedback, beer suggestions, constructive criticism, pub and bottleshop recommendations or words of encouragement when I’m on beer 450 and screaming “PLEASE, NO MORE BEER! I JUST WANT TO DRINK A J2O AND FORGET THIS ALL EVER HAPPENED!” are all welcome.

Oh, and I’ll be starting with the oh so awesome brew pictured!

Update 1 – HERE

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