Craft beer is pretty great, ain’t it?

Whether it’s the moment that juicy banger of an IPA first hits your taste buds, finding a bar with a tap list that makes you punch the air with joy every time you read it or even that little spark of excitement when you realise someone you’re talking to is as much of a beer geek as you – it’s all part of the grander beery tapestry of what makes the craft beer scene amazing.

This really hit home to me recently on a trip to Mondo Brewing Company with my colleague and all-round good guy, Rich Taylor.


Rich was visiting London Town and looking to write a blog on awesome tap rooms. Mondo was top of his list, so we gallivanted down to Battersea and got chatting to the guys over a couple of Kemosabes. What followed was an evening of excellent brews, great chat about all things brewing and mountains of DIY popcorn. A night of such unbridled beery shenanigans that it made me want to write about it.

And that’s what this blog is going to be for. To highlight all the incredible aspects of craft beer. You won’t see any negativity here, if I don’t like something, I’d rather not write about it and save my energy to talk about things that are great (a view inspired by a fantastic 2014 podcast by the excellent 11pm Somewhere). This could be an amazing new beer, a fantastic venue, a great craft beery experience (exbeerience?!), a member of the community who brews up a storm, you get the idea.

On leaving a job in craft beer, it made me realise that this is a community that I want to remain a firm part of. I may not be able to brew anything remotely passable or have the money to put on an amazing beer festival, but I reckon I can do the words pretty good, and that can hopefully be my contribution to this great scene.


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